Ice blocks

Ice blocks are basic material for the creation of all sculptures. We have our own factory. The bigger the block the longer it takes to melt but for manipulation of the blocks it is used standard size and a block of ice measures 100 x 50 x 25 centimeters with weight 130 kilos. Many people ask us how to make blocks of ice?

Bloque de hielo verde

This is a special process with a special freezing machine too. It has nothing to do with the manufacture of cubes. Block ice is not a quick fabrication, each transparent block takes 3 days of freezing. Then we sell ice blocks as they are or what we prefer because we are before all artists, we convert a block or several blocks to an artistic object for you-our customers. Because of course an ice castle gives us greater satisfaction as a simple sale of the block!

Bloque de hielo

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